ZanteNetWiFi is a family business founded in 2015 in Zakynthos Island. Gradually, by a careful selection of partners, it developed into a robust Internet service provider, offering the Zakynthian public, individuals, and small or larger businesses flexible and competitive home and business packages, covering every particular need.

The Beginning & the Evolution…

The idea for the establishment of ZanteNetWiFi emerged after many years of involvement in wireless networks and Amateur Radio, during which large gaps were identified in the coverage of the local market of Zakynthos and especially in remote areas. Therefore, we decided to create a network coverage that provides families and businesses with complete solutions, offering quality equipment and personalized services according to our customers’ needs. Since its establishment, the course of ZanteNetWiFi has been upward, as, with steady and careful steps, we managed to cover a large part of our island, which today reaches 80% of residential Zakynthos while gaining the trust of our customers, through our personalized & reliable services.

Goals & Vision...

The vision for the full coverage of the island and providing optimal services to our customers remains as alive as in our first steps. The company’s ongoing priority is to extend and upgrade the network to ensure guaranteed, increasing speeds at competitive prices as well as to cover more and more remote areas of our island where Internet access is too difficult so far.

Our activity’s local nature allows the provision of personalized services upon initial installation & activation of the equipment and throughout the connection.

Our aim is to maintain a high service level with immediate response and a friendly relationship with the customer. The purpose is a professional, reliable and friendly provision of services to our customers to be as satisfied with our work as proud we are of it.

10 reasons to choose ZanteNetWiFi

  1. Our long-standing experience and the perfect knowledge of the market and its peculiarities.
  2. The provision of personalized services, as our headquarters are in Zakynthos and we maintain excellent relationships with our customers/The professional, friendly and reliable relationship with our customers
  3. Our polite and well-trained staff
  4. The constant technological upgrade of our network
  5. The immediate technical support and problem solving by well-trained staff
  6. The flexibility we offer to our customers, with just a 6-month commitment
  7. The ability to choose a connection according to your personal needs and desires
  8. The short-term commitment that makes our prices very competitive for those who are active only during the summer or winter season and those who are not permanent residents of the island
  9. Quality equipment and guaranteed connection speed that contributes to our reliability
  10. The strong vision to achieve complete coverage of the island, at each end, even in the most remote areas.